STIKes Nauli Husada has gained the status as a private institution that implements Financial Management of Public Service Agency based on foundation decision. The requirement to become KDP-BLU has been fulfilled by STIKes Nauli Husada before the date of the stipulation that is in the form of STIKes Nauli Husada stantif, technical requirements and administrative requirements. Terms STIKes Nauli Husada stantif met because STIKes Nauli Husada as a private institution that provides services. The technical requirement is that the performance of STIKes Nauli Husada service is feasible to be managed and enhanced by the financial performance of STIKes Nauli Husada is considered healthy as shown in the document of the foundation’s proposal.


In line with the launch of STIKes Nauli Husada towards entrepreneurial STIKes, the core bussiness that still rely on undergraduate students is difficult to maintain in the long term. Efforts to be made is to develop all the potential that is in STIKes Nauli Husada Sibolga directly or indirectly through cooperation with the business world. Cooperation should produce science and technology that is useful for society and state, in order to meet the needs of financing the implementation and development of education. The strategic issues in STIKes’ entrepreneurial field are:

Structuring the organization and management of commercial business STIKes Nauli Husada which has been still not centralized. Development of businesses designed to produce capable and well-skilled graduates
Increasing revenues through cooperation with government and private agencies and third parties at the national level Commercial business development in the form of STIKes business in order to increase pembiyaan for Tridharma Higher Education activities.The support of school data involved and the development of some programs should be developed for successful activities such as:

The program for parents aims to help explain the support of child achievements and courses to choose from in college
The program for students aims to improve their understanding of scholarships, prequalification, campus life, education and so on
The program is a join-up service to help fund if extra tutorials are needed, social and family support and health care).